2022 Drapes Trends

Drapes are the easiest way to give a makeover to your abode. Most of the people are working from home and they want give trendy aspect to their space.

Designers are giving more attention to combine the practical and decorative functions of window panels to contribute to the room’s harmony.

Let’s have a look at the trending drape designs for 2022.


  1. Sheer Curtains
    Transparent and weightless curtains to your room will give the feel of being light and spacious. They maintain the required balance of light and air circulation for your home.

    • Sheer fabric is perfect choice for a darker room as it scatters the sunlight exceptionally well making your room bright.
    • Tulle fabric offers inexpensive window treatment while giving an elegant look to your room.


  2. Coloured Floral Drapes
    Embrace bold motifs to make a style statement this 2021. These bright and impressive blooms are perfect for making your windows the focal point of a room.
  3. Linen & Cotton Drapes
    Curtains made with natural materials like cotton & linen is becoming popular. These fabrics are a treat to the eye with their natural texture. Simplicity of these fabrics brings out elegance & richness to your interiors.
  4. Velvet Curtains
    Velvet curtains are back in trend. Starting from sofa & curtains to blankets & lamps, velvets give a touch of luxury. Velvet curtains are the best choice for creating a quiet atmosphere as they have the sound proofing capacity.
  5. Abstract Patterns
    Curtains with spiral, waves, leaves patterns can give your home a gorgeous makeover. Abstract prints are ideal to upgrade your curtains, upholstery, cushions etc.
  6. Colours close to Nature
    Along with classics such as off white, cream and stone greys, earthy tones such as warm green, shades of rust and rich reds are seen more. Versatility is the advantage of using earthen tones. These comforting & mighty colours will make your house more hospitable.


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