Fabric Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons. They shower great relief from the scorching heat. People enjoy the soothing breeze and earthiness smell it brings along.

But it is not spared from its snag. In our happiness we forget to look at our dwelling if it is monsoon ready. Furniture fabrics are the first things to consider. Moisture intrusion will bring in bugs and fungus infection.

To keep your interiors glamourous with all bright and shine, we have few suggestions.

  • Avoid Heavy Drapes
    Heavy drapes are perfect for summer as it blocks the sunlight which helps to keep the room cool. But in winter it will make your room look darker. Replace them with light curtains. These are easy to wash and gets dried during gloomy winter.
  • Avoid Silk
    It is better to avoid natural fibres like silk as they require extra care. They get wet and crushed easily. They attract blight and moth easily.
  • Avoid Velvet
    Velvets are too heavy and make your room darker. Instead use lighter sheer curtains which allows ample light and breeze inside.
  • Use Floral Prints
    Monsoon means floating petals, flurry of clouds and the wetness. Stunning floral printed upholstery stands out in your living. Synthetic light floral prints can be used for curtains and sofas.

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