Fire Retardant Fabric – Things to know

When there is a fire accident on any property, curtains are the main spreaders of fire. Fabrics are highly flammable. Maximum fire accidents are due to burning of fabrics.

The development of fire-retardant textile has brought revolutionary change. It has reduced the frequency of property burnt down.

These fabrics keep buildings safer by keeping the fire at bay longer.


What is a Flame/Fire Retardant Fabric?

It is a special kind of fabric that avoids fire from spreading. They are made up of typically synthetic fibres that resist ignition under prolonged exposure to flame or heat.
And the most important thing is there is a difference between fire resistant and fire-retardant fabrics.

Fire resistant fabric is naturally made from non-flammable materials. They resist flames because of their chemical composition.

On the other hand, fire-retardant fabrics are designed in a way that they self-extinguish when get exposed to the flames. Their chemical composition slows down the burning process or ends it.

There are 2 types of fire-retardant fabrics.

  • Inherent Flame Retardant fabrics –
    These fabrics have fire retardant properties inherited in them. They don’t undergo additional treatments. Fabrics such as wool and Kevlar can resist flames longer than cotton or linen because of their naturally structured fibres.
  • Chemically treated fabrics –
    Flammable materials are treated under certain conditions to make them flame retardant. These can prevent fire from spreading and suppress it.

Hence Flame-retardant fabrics serve as an extra layer of protection from fire. They can decrease the severity of damage from fire.

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